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inspired breathing
guided Transformational Breath ® and Prana practices

Third Eye

breath is life              life is breath

Girl Relaxing

power of the breath

Breathing awareness is empowering and an immediate way to self-healing and thriving in life. It creates a powerful connection to a healthy body and mind one breath at a time. It is a dynamic way to utilize and bring in the flow of a high vibrational energy using specific, highly oxygenating breathing patterns. You can feel lighter and clearer when you stay calm and turn on your natural healing abilities. Improve the overall quality of your life and eliminate restrictions to create a life feeling more liberated and in touch with the moment. If you value your quality of life, training with the breath allows excellence in all aspects of mental, emotional and physical mastery.

breath mastery

We are clearly all experts on breathing since we have performed it all of our lives. However, most people are only getting a small percentage of lung capacity due to limited breathing patterns or may not even be aware that the way they breathe is not allowing them to receive maximum potency. Do you have an interest in making changes for the better?  Mastery in anything you do gives you more confidence, it becomes a way to getting something of more value. In order to get results, you must practice. Bad habits change to good~good habits turn to greatness. Create a relationship to breathing patterns that are key to feeling more at ease with oneself.  Learn to appreciate every moment and follow a direct path to health. Your freedom and liberation depend upon what you practice. Breath is the key to a masterful life filled with high energy.

Lungs Sketch

What Are The Healing Effects?

Breathing sessions can effectively help with many areas of traumas, combining physical health with emotional wellness. Science confirms what self healers of the past have always known. Effective breathing turns on our innate capacities to fight stress and illness.  Strong yet relaxed breath patterns assist in alleviating anxiety, worry and fear. It assists healing of respiratory ailments~especially Covid related, improves digestive difficulties, addictions, phobias, depression, TMJ, heart conditions, headaches, PMS, infertility, can aid with pain control, increase immune function, improve cognitive skills and relieve sleep apnea.

Bottom line~it is a tool that recharges and feels positively amazing. Breathtaking, isn't it?!


I highly recommend the breathing sessions for anyone who wants to be in touch with their true self, inner soul and feel 'washed inside' and whole.   I was scared of breathing deeply the first time but with Christine's coaching it was absolutely no problem.

 Hazel Goodwin, MD

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