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What is Tranformational Breath®?

Transformational Breath® is a self empowering healing process created by Dr. Judith Kravitz that uses a powerful reconnection conscious breathing to improve life.  It is a dynamically powerful technique that utilizes a high vibrational energy force created by a specific highly oxygenating breathing pattern. You can feel lighter and clearer after being bathed in this high cellular vibrational energy. Transformational Breath® helps to eliminate restricted breathing patterns helping us to breathe more effectively and easily.  

Why Do you need Transformation Breath®?

Most people are only getting a small percentage of air capacity due to closed and limited breathing patterns. The amount of air we can access through expanding our lungs allow much more oxygenation to support our natural healing abilities.

What Are The Healing Effects?

Strong yet relaxed breath patterns assist in alleviating anxiety, respiratory ailments, addictions, phobias, depression, TMJ, heart conditions, headaches, PMS, infertility, can aid with pain control, and relieve sleep apnea. Bring clarity to held on emotions, memories, suppressions & repressions in the subconscious mind and be open to the higher aspects of the conscious mind. It can effectively help with traumas, and train our unconscious  breathing to open.


I highly recommend the breathing sessions for anyone who wants to be in touch with their true self, inner soul and feel 'washed inside' and whole.   I was scared of breathing deeply the first time but with Christine's coaching it was absolutely no problem.

 Hazel Goodwin, MD

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